Ugh, this movie. This story. Stupid Darcy with his dumb face and slow character growth and sweeping romantic gesture.

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sleep tight

don’t let the patriarchy steal your basic human rights

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Marge is such a great mom

She gets it. 

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If someone wants a romantic relationship with little or no sex, let them.

If someone wants a sexual relationship with no romance, let them.

And if someone wants a completely platonic relationship with no romance or sex, FUCKING LET THEM.

Destroy the idea that a relationship must have sex and/or romance to be “real”.

And destroy the idea that platonic relationships are somehow “worth less”.

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the internet summed up in one gif set

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choosing a gender in an rpg more like do i wanna be a girl or do i wanna romance girls

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When one has the feeling of dislike for evil, when one feels tranquil, one finds pleasure in listening to good teachings; when one has these feelings and appreciates them, one is free of fear.
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